Observer Club is a private community where we focus on improving our lives and work by applying the lessons we learn through discussing philosophy from the point of view of identity, history, society and economics.

  • Live Dialogues
    Members are invited to join our live discussions of thought experiments that help you see challenges and opportunities through a new lens. Put on your socratic hat.
  • Online Community Forum
    All members get access to our Mattermost forum where we continue our Dialogues, share recommendations of books and other curiosities, and hold each other accountable for taking action on our new insights.
  • Observer Boxes
    All members get full access to both past and future Observer Boxes. Each box has a central theme and is filled with tools, thought experiments, and other goodies designed to help you make philosophy a part of your everyday life.

Observer Club might be your kind of club if you like Socratic reasoning. If you are interested in improving the way you think, work, and live. If you are kind, curious, and willing to share what you know with others.

Did you say yes to all of that? 
Well, it sounds like we are your people! If you have a topic that you are extra passionate about, feel free to mention that in your application.

Examples of past dialogues:

Alright then! How do I join?
Thank you for asking. Click the button below and send me an email. You will hear back from me shortly.


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