Explore and transform your approach to strategic thinking and action by adopting a solid foundation based on motivation and deliberate goal setting.

  • Make deliberate decisions about which goals to pursue and which strategies to choose.
  • Set goals that are aligned with the actions you value in the process of reaching the goals.
  • Find the underlying reasons to what motivates and those you wish to influence.

Deck Content

    To help you get a complete overview of the Deck you get a dashboard that covers all the included frameworks.
    You will get step by step instructions on how to understand and use each of the frameworks. The instructions are illustrated.

    If you prefer to be hands on you can print the PDFs. Otherwise you can fill them out straight away, digitally.
    To help you get a fuller understanding of the application of each framework the Deck comes with prompts.
    You will receive a checklist to help you put the Deck into practice. The checklist is designed to reach help you the point of actionable accountability.


What is the value of this Deck?
The actual value is up to you and your actions. If you put it to good use and follow through, you'll get more value. 

How can I use the Deck?
The Deck is designed to be used both as solo exercise and in a workshop setting. I would suggest using it on your own at first to get a feel for your own preferences without outside influence.

Can I get an extra framework in this Deck?
No. The Deck is sold as it is. The only way to get a custom Deck is to purchase a license

Why is your ice cream/ lunch/ dinner so expensive?
Well, ice cream should always come as sundae and  lunch and dinner is best enjoyed in multiple courses with a refreshing beverage. It adds up.

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